The Efland Ruritan Club came to be in the late 1970’s when the Efland Elementary School closed and was declared surplus property. When the Orange County Board of Education decided to sell the Efland Elementary School at public auction there were several potential bidders.

The citizens of Efland decided to hold a meeting after learning of a potential bid from the County Commissioners which would turn the property into a retention center for disturbed youth. Thinking that the Efland Elementary School may better serve the community they brought forward the idea to organize a civic club that could use the property.

After carefully researching several civic clubs the citizens of Efland found that a Ruritan Club would be most beneficial to the community. An application was submitted to Ruritan National and the Efland Ruritan Club received its Ruritan Charter on December 7, 1981. The original 63 charter members and the community of Efland successfully outbid the Orange County Commissioners and purchased the Efland Elementary School property in March, 1982.

Due to the age and size of the property, the original school building was demolished; leaving the lunchroom building and the adjacent classroom building which serves as the main Efland Ruritan Clubhouse today.  

The goal of the Ruritan Club is to promote the Efland community and serve as a resource to help make Efland a great place to live. Our primary fundraiser is the annual rodeo, traditionally held during the first weekend in October and enjoyed by thousands of families and rodeo enthusiasts. Proceeds from fundraising events support the cost of the club facilities and our community.

The Efland Ruritan Club hosts blood drives, Community Watch developmental sessions, collaborative non-profit organizational events, Zumba Party classes, "get-to-know-the-candidate" sessions, the Young Marines, the annual Efland Ruritan 4th of July and Christmas Parades, and scholarships for local high school students.

Additionally, we have contributed donations to local fire, EMS and law enforcement organizations, schools, charitable organizations, maintain a playground open to all; and when the need arises, have provided emergency assistance to families in need.  Your continued support of our organization is greatly appreciated by the Ruritans and the community we serve.

For information regarding becoming a Ruritan member please contact us